Other Practice Areas

Our extensive representation of consumers and every day people in legal proceedings against banks and large financial institutions often leads to requests for other services.  Our clients, pleased with our representation in a bankruptcy case or other matter, return and ask if we can represent them in a personal injury case or maybe a divorce.  Other times, a local businessman facing financial problems inquires about a bankruptcy reorganization, but instead we organize a non-bankruptcy restructuring.

Divorce.  Our lawyers are happy to assist clients in simple divorce proceedings without children.  By only handling these straight-forward cases, we can usually charge far less for the legal work than other divorce specialists.

Personal Injury.  Similar to our approach to divorce, we can often handle straight-forward personal injury cases for lower fees than other attorneys.

Business Litigation.  Our attorneys are experienced in negotiating workouts with banks regarding business loans.  Banks can be quick to resort to filing a lawsuit over a debt, sometimes even suing instead of foreclosing on property.  We can help you negotiate a fair settlement with the bank or lending institution if we determine the a bankruptcy case is not in your best interests.